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Direct typing in any apps like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Pagemaker, Premiere, InDesign, MS-Office as your required. No need to copy-paste.

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Writing in different languages is an important issue especially for those who are working in the field of DTP, Media, etc. Often people find it difficult to write on the various software and application with a single font.

Most of the available writing Indian keyboard software is not able to directly type on apps and software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Pagemaker, Premiere, InDesign, MS-Office, etc. The soumili keyboard helps you to write on multiple languages such as English, Bengali, Hindi, and Assamese. You only need to choose the font and layout and can start writing instantly.

If you are working or associated with works like Wedding/Marriage Card Writing, Book Compose, Design, Editing, etc. Then it can be a real help for you as it has several unique fonts. It more than a simple typing software and you can use it as a key processor. Fast, user-friendly writing software for professional use.

Get the licensed version now.

Soumili Keyboard Comes with a power Script

The layout of Soumili software comes not only in Bengali but it also helps you from mistyping, wrong typing including the punctuations also.

  • Due to a small size, it has no effect on the speed of your PC. Additionally, you have the power to install and uninstall the software without any damage to your computer.
  • It is an intelligent Indian keyboard software, so it allows you to type combined characters of Bengali and Assamese language. It also stops the unnecessary character from appearing.
  • It has a beep sound function which will alert you when you are writing anything wrong.
  • Soumili Software will never expire and you will get important updates to download
  • For your personal use, Soumili Unicode free.

Therefore, you can see that Soumili is a perfect Keyboard for Indian Languages. You need to purchase the license only and start typing.

Other Advantages of Soumili keyboard

If you are a next-generation user then the advantages of Soumili Keyboard are crafted to cater to your needs. You can use the keyboard on almost all types of editing software. Here are some of the special advantages that make the Soumili keyboard an essential one.

Online Support

You will get a totally online based support. Starting from Downloading, Contacting, Activation all the necessary information is available on the site. Therefore, no matter whether you are working in country or abroad, you will get total support everywhere.

N.B.- Calling option is available too.

High configuration to support the latest setups

The soumili keyboard comes with the high configuration that can easily support and run on the latest computer setups. No matter if you have any of the following PCs with i3, i5, i7 which minimum OS is Windows 7 or Windows 8 and also 64 bit. Nothing to be worried if your computer is not updated, as this Indian keyboard software, runs also on lower config PC with at least OS Windows XP 32 bit.

PS4 / PS5 / PS6 all the versions are supported by Soumili keyboard. It also supports the followings like CorelDraw X4/ X5/ X6, Indesign PS4/ PS5/ PS6, Premiere PS4/ PS5/ PS6. In case you are still using the Photoshop 7, Page Maker 7, Soumili keyboard will work on it too.

Therefore, you can see the Soumili Keyboard Layout software gives multiple advantages to the users. So, what are you still waiting for? Buy the premium version now.

Download Trial and test how work the key processor.

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