Soumili Keyboard: Workflow

Soumili Keyboard is easy to install the software. The process of installing is simple. Here is a guide to the workflow.

A. No new Window opens

For both Soumili Bangla and Soumili Unicode, no new window opens. You can type the languages directly on the application.

B. The process to Download and set up Soumili Application

1. Download the application from this site itself.

2. Install the application. Once you will install it, you will be able to see a shortcut icon on the desktop.

3. While running the application, a dialogue box opens to start the application or to activate the application. Then you can start the application.

4. Once you start the application, you can be able to see the icon in the System tray and the name of the icon Soumili Unicode or Soumili Bangla. [Whichever you have downloaded]

5. By left clicking on the mouse on the icon, you will get the keyboard list and by right click, you will get the configuration and Exit link.

6. With the configuration, you will get shortcut key and install/ deinstall keyboard and other option set for this application.

7. from keyboard list choose one keyboard for typing.

8. When you have finished your work, you can select Soumili off from top of keyboard list or press shortcut key which you set in the configuration. Then the icon become Gray.

Soumili Keyboard Package
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