Keyboard Layout

Soumili multilingual software uses different layouts for the various types of fonts. There are three different layouts for three different languages are available separately. These are Bengal, Assamese, and Hindi.

You can select the appropriate keyboard layouts for your matching fonts. In case of choosing the wrong keyboard layouts for these fonts, no character will be typed correctly. Henceforth You need to pick the Soumili Bangla layouts for Soumili Bangla Fonts, Assamese keyboard for Soumili Assamese fonts and the Soumili Hindi Layouts for the Soumili Hindi Fonts.

Soumili Bengali Keyboard used to work in two ways. The first is for the normal type and the second one for Academic style type of writing. Once you type normally [CAPS lock OFF] it will work for Normal (including script) type. On the contrary, while you are typing by on the Caps mode [CAPS lock ON] it will start working for Academic typing.

All the Keyboard Layouts are designed as traditional typing machine, which is used for DTP or composing purpose. All the combination characters will appear with linked [termed as hasanta - d] key.

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