Soumili Keyboard: Write Your Message in Own Language

Soumili multi-lingual software uses more than 75 different commercial ANSI fonts with a wide range of combined characters. You will be able to use the fonts in a set of 4 font file such as Normal, Italic, Bold, italic-Bold.

Fonts system is Postscript (PS) and True Type (TT) .

Two types of fonts are there in Soumili Software such as PostScript, and the other one is True Type. The names of the fonts are arranged following a sequence. If there is the same number for PS and TT then the style will the same too. It makes easy to remember the fonts style for use.

Fonts system is Postscript (PS) and True Type (TT)

PS Fonts are generally used for DTP, Book composes in Pagemaker or MS-Office. It gives a better screen view. It gives high-quality printing in the postscript printers. However, Postscript fonts do not support Photoshop as well as all higher Adobe Application.

True Type (TT) fonts good for Higher Version Application

As mentioned, postscript fonts do not support the Higher version designing or editing application like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, etc. Therefore, to work on these you need True Type fonts (TT). True Type fonts can be used for Photoshop as well as higher Adobe application.

Why waste time searching for different software for different languages? Install Soumili Software now and start writing in Bengali.

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