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Best Bengali Typing Software

Get Your Contents Typed in Bengali With Bengali Keyboard Layout

Bengali is a language which is very popular throughout the world. There are an estimated 260-300 million people across the world who are native Bengali speaker. Therefore, the materials printed and written in Bengali has a huge market. However, due to lack of proper Bengali font often people associated with DTP and Printing field faces several problems. Soumili offers Bengali Typing Software which is perfect for all type of use.

  • Write in Bengali on all the types of software and apps
  • Use Soumili on Windows 10 & Mac
  • Soumili works on lower versions like XP
  • Write combined letters with Soumili
  • Soumili has an autocorrect option
  • Auto beep option prevents you from mistyping
  • It works on Photoshop, CorelDraw, Pagemaker
  • It has technical supports

The software writes Bengali on all the types of software and apps. It doesn’t matter which config you are using. Soumili is a Bengali Keyboard for Windows 10 Pc. You can use the software on both desktop and laptops, even on the lower versions of the windows. However, it must have XP as its OS.

Soumili works on as Bengali Typing Software for Mac too. No matter you using MAC desktops or laptops, this Bangla keyboard will work smoothly on all the software installed in your machine. The software allows you to use the combined letters of Bengali vernacular. Often it is a problem that designers face during writing something as Bengali words often use combine letters. Soumili software id a high-level software with loaded AI. It autocorrects and stops you when you are writing any wrong spelling. It ensures you of any type of misprinting and mistyping.

Why waste time searching for different software for different languages? Install Soumili Software now and start writing in Bengali.

The software has an inbuilt beep sound. It will remind you whenever you are going to misprint or mistype anything. Therefore, you can rectify the error instantly. The Bengali Keyboard for Windows 10 Pc and Mac both let you type on different software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Pagemaker, Premiere, InDesign, MS-Office, etc.

The software supports all the updated versions of the software like CorelDraw X4/ X5/ X6, Indesign PS4/ PS5/ PS6, Premiere PS4/ PS5/ PS6, Photoshop PS4 / PS5 / PS6. It is the best Bengali typing software for Windows 10 and Mac and you will get all the updates. Soumili is an easy Bengali typing software that will not at all expire and you will get all important updates to download throughout your use.

Therefore, over here, you can see how this Bengali Typing Software can help you in writing. However, apart from this professional and technical support, you will also get the trustworthiness of Soumili software.

Get an interactive virtual keyboard layout for easy Bengali typing solution. Write on any software.

Huge range of unique fonts, perfect for the DTP and printing purpose in the Bengali language.

Change your keyboard setting on a single click. No need to alter or close the software for the setting changes.


The software is a licensed product so, any illegal use of the product in the commercial platform is prohibited. Get the licensed version now.

Buying process

You can use the same license key in four different machines. So, by buying one, you can get the benefit of using it in four different machines.

Update & Support

Once you buy the product. You will get a free auto-update for a lifetime. It is an online process, so you can do it on own. However, in case of any need, you can contact via mail and phone.

What are you waiting for? Buy the licensed version of Soumili Bengali keyboard layout now and give your printing and DTP business a new dimension.