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Brief Information. Readme Soumili Bangla.

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An estimated 260-300 million people across the world who are native Bengali speaker. Therefore, before you install and use the Soumili Keyboard for Indian Languages, it is important to know few things about it.

One can use it in all the higher version starting from Windows XP (SP3). [32 & 64 bit]

It can write on different software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Pagemaker, Premiere, InDesign, MS-Office, etc.

One can change from Bengali to English and English to Bengali by using the hotkey at any point of time.

You can use several fonts for multiple layouts. Remember all the fonts are unique Soumili fonts. However, in case of having any other fonts, you can use them with Soumili too.

To activate Soumili, you need to contact the administrator only once for the first time. Later you will have a code with which you can reinstall it even after formatting your computer.

From the configuration of Soumili Keyboard Layout software, at any time you can install or uninstall any layout. {updated keyboard layout available at}

The software sizes only 11MB, therefore, it will not hurt the speed of the computer at all.

You get it generally in two layouts.


Apart from this, one can make own layout as per preference.

How to install Soumili Application. Installation Guide.

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How to install Soumili Indian keyboard software

In case of using the Window XP of older version that is prior to 2002 then you need the root certificate to install the Soumili Software. In such case, you can download the root certificate from microsoft web site or Else, a DAX error can come.

You will get a rar file. With the help of WinRAR, you need to extract the files in the folder. You will get


it is a root certificate. In case you need it, only then install it.


This is the Soumili font. Copy it and paste it in the font folder of Windows. In case of using the Windows 7 or higher version, you can right click to install it.


It is the installation double clicking it or run it the software will be installed and you will find an icon in your desktop like this


By opening the icon, the software will open and you will get the below window.


By clicking the Start Bangla Desktop, you will find this icon


in the system tray. By clicking the left key on this icon, you will get the list of keyboards and by right clicking you will get the Configure option.

Now you can open any application like MS-Word, Pagemaker, Corel, Photoshop and then choose the soumili99 font. Then select the keyboard layout that you want and start writing. When you finish the writing in any Indian language click the off button. When the regional language will be off, you can be able to write in English. For the shortcut key and configuration, please read the configuration section.

How to Configure and Set Shortcut Key. Configuration Guide.

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Soumili Setup

Run Soumili start menu

Or from Desktop.

Configure it from taskbar.


Do the Keyboard setup, Keyboard install, Keyboard Uninstall like the below image.


For easy working switch off the onscreen options


Setup the hotkey


Select any keyboard without hotkey


How to Use Soumili Application. User Guide.

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Install the software and you will find one icon on Desktop.


Once you run the Soumili Unicode, you will find this box.


Then you need to click on the Start Unicode Desktop

You will find an icon in the system tray.


One you left click on the icon, you will find the installed keyboard layouts.


By clicking the right icon, you will find the configuration option


Now one can use this software

You can open any application like MS-Word, Photoshop.

Then you can choose any of the keyboard layout from keyboard list.


Once you will activate the keyboard, you will find the same colored icon.


Now you can type in the software that you have opened.


To type in Bengali Off or English typing click on Soumili Off.


In order to assigning shortcut key open configuration.


You can click on the configure Soumili.


Now follow the configuration help.

How to Learn Bengali Typing. Bengali Learning Guide.

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By seeing the layout, you may feel that it is impossible to write with it. However, by following the rules it will not be that tough, rather you will be able to write easily. Bengali Typing is just like English typing. The English letters are there written on the keyboard, so we can type without knowing the typing also. However, in such condition, few used to write the Bengali letters on the keyboards. If the writing will be easy then the letter would not follow the QWERTY pattern and would be there in alphabetical order. It is the same with the Bengali letters too. Based on the skill and use of both the hands, the letters are arranged in the given order. So, following minutely, it will be not a tough task t learn it.

Here is the complete guide.

Soumili Fonts Catalog Must View. Fonts Catalog.

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Soumili multilingual keyboard offers unique fonts. All the fonts used in the software are different from traditional fonts. Therefore, those who work in printing and DTP sector can have a better range of choice.

To see the available fonts, click the list here.

Weeding Card sample. View weeding card sample.

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It is difficult to understand the performance unless you see any sample. Soumili offers you the sample to see how the words look like in the sentence structure.

Click here to get the smaple.

View Demo Video