Soumili Keyboard: Advantage

Soumili Keyboard is a multi-lingual software to write on different software. It is a new generation of software for advanced users. It has a range of advantages for you.

Here is the list of advantages of Soumili Keyboard.

Online support

You will get an around the clock online based support. You will get all the Downloading, Contacting, Activation instruction on this website. Therefore, no matter where you physically located, you will get complete support.

Support higher configuration and application

No matter what higher configuration you use like i3, i5, i7 which minimum OS is Windows 7 or Windows 8 and 64 bit, Soumili keyboard will support.

It also supports higher version application like Photoshop PS4/ PS5/ PS6, CorelDraw X4/ X5/ X6, Indesign PS4/ PS5/ PS6, Premiere PS4/ PS5/ PS6

Power Script

The power script allows you to write in Bengali and prevent you from mistyping, wrong typing and maintain punctuation.

Small size

Due to the small size, it won’t affect the speed of the computer.

Forever Support

The software will never expire as you will always get the latest update of the software, whenever it will release.

Free for personal use

Soumili Unicode is free software for personal use.

Soumili Keyboard Package

Why waste time searching for different software for different languages? Install Soumili Software now and start writing in Bengali.

User Guide Video

Watch Video for Bengali

Watch Video for Assamese

Watch Video for Hindi