Soumili Keyboard: Write Your Message in Own Language

India is a country of multiple languages so the scope of reaching to people of this linguistic diverse country becomes tough if don’t have the access to the languages. Often the people associated with DTP, Media and Printing find it difficult to write in languages like Hindi, Bengali or Assamese. Often, they need to buy different software.

However, with Soumili Keyboard, this problem has come to an end. This single software allows you to not only write in different Indian languages but also allows to work on the various software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Pagemaker, Premiere, InDesign, MS-Office, etc. The software has a set of different unique fonts which make the works like Wedding/Marriage Card Writing, Book Compose, Design, Editing easy.

The software not only helps you in writing on different language but also prohibits you on mistyping or error typing with a beep sound. Therefore, to give your business a new height, purchase the licensed version of Soumili keyboard now

Why waste time searching for different software for different languages? Install Soumili Software now and start writing in Bengali.

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